SeatingChartNetwork.com was founded by three guys who love sports. We were sick of getting ripped off every time we bought tickets for live events throughout the country. Getting to the stadiums is expensive enough. Not being sure where our seats were after paying high prices was worse.

We started with one website following our first New York Yankees game in the new stadium. Throughout our individual sites, we provide stadium-specific seating charts with detailed descriptions of individual sections.

Before we started our sites we took a look at the other websites offering information on sports stadiums. All of these other sites fall into one of two categories:

1) Information from the team itself.
2) Information from a ticket broker trying to sell tickets to the game.

Now we are rapid sports fans and we have love for our own home teams just as much as any fan. But there are a few problems with the traditional model of getting information about sports stadiums:

A team has a strong incentive to tell you that “every seat is a great seat” and “every section is a great section”. After all, the team is trying to sell every ticket in the building so it makes no sense to discuss negative aspects of a seating area.

Similarly, ticket brokers have a strong incentive to make every section where they have inventory sound great and every section where they don’t have inventory sound terrible. A ticket broker loses if you decide to buy tickets in a seating area where they have no tickets to sell.

The SeatingChartNetwork.com family of websites is different. We have no bias in our discussion of the different seating areas in the different stadiums.

We do generate advertising revenue from companies related to the ticketing industry. But we are indifferent to which seating area you choose, which stadium you visit, and which team you cheer for. Please feel free to view our privacy policy for more information about our advertising policies.

Also, for more information about our websites or our company, please feel free to contact us.

Otherwise use our websites to find free seating charts for every professional stadium in the country.
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